Teenage Assault

From Timid Lifeguard To Attractive Jism Kitty


Hazel was a lifeguard. Think about witnessing this tall, lithe dark haired soaking-wet in a washing swimsuit. Albeit she vows she went principally unnoticed on the time, we guess there have been slew of boys who stayed within the water to cover their hard-ons when she was on obligation.

“I used to be the timid, nerdy, emo babe on the swim workforce, so I did not get a lot consideration. Till a few of the guys observed that I’ve good tits.”

If she was timid and nerdy then, she’s blossomed right into a sultry mating kitty who guys certainly discover now. On this vid, Hazel temptingly strips off her garments, strokes her gentle thicket and spreads her impatient choot. Albeit her lifeguard days are behind her, we’ve a sensing she nonetheless does loads of mouth to mouth…and mouth to different bod components, too.

Date: November 21, 2022