Teenage Assault

“why Do Not I Go And Stroke It For You?”


Lynn Love, 21 from Miami, Florida, makes us the recipients of a digital tug job on this point-of-view vid. The stud by no means says a phrase, which is excellent. Lynn says all of it. She takes off her g-string undies and spanks her puny, rock hard booty. “Do you want that? So is that this manhood good and laborious? Why do not I’m going and stroke it for you?” She performs with our manhood thru our cut-offs after which takes it out. “It senses so good inbetween my forearms,” she says. “Do you want the best way I budge my forearms up and down your manhood? Let me take your cut-offs off.” Then she oils up our manhood, and as if we wanted any extra assist, she says, “I guess if I showcase you my booty, it could flip you on much more.” She takes off her undies, spreads her booty after which arches down and strokes our manhood with two forearms. Then she arches over and strokes it inbetween her gams. “Let me showcase you my fuckbox and see how you want that,” she says. We prefer it. She likes it, too.

Date: July 8, 2020