Teenage Assault

A Menina E O Estuprador


In Sao Paulo, Vanessa who is generally spoiled rotten, is uncared for and rejected by her mom, virtually raised alone by her butler and driver Pedro and the maid, Dalva. Vanessa has disturbing daydreams and sexual fantasies, however doesn?t let Arlindo, a young person that flirts together with her get near her. Her greatest buddy is Denise, a promiscuous dame that has intercourse with totally different fellows. When Vanessa discloses to Denise her drawback, Denise provides the deal with of her psychotherapist Dr. Artur, to her buddy. The unethical shrink shoves Vanessa to the sting, bringing recollections of a extreme trauma of her childhood. Then the disturbed Dr. Artur induces the gals to commit suicide.

Date: November 16, 2018